Alex Hintermayer

Very successful breader of noble canaries:

bild-nr-3-phaeo-weiss      bild-nr-2-phaeo-weiss

Brown yellow mosaic

Brown yellow and Brown white

Phaeo yellow and Phaeo white

and since 2015

Brown Opal yellow mosaic and Brown Opal.

Since 1988: 60 x German Master, several Champion

Since 2004: Geel / Mechelen / Leuven 11 x gold, 8 x silver, 3 x bronce

2012 Europian Master

Since 2014 Worldchampionship: 1 x silver, 2 x bronce



We are Elke and Alex Hintermayer and have been married for nearly 37 years
and have two children, a boy and a girl.


We live in a small village, called Unteröwisheim in a beautiful area of south west of Germany called Baden. We have several hobbies that we pursue in our free time. Alex is an enthusiastic fisherman and has been fishing since his youth. Also he enjoys cooking and he’s doing well, sometimes he’s baking bread and he’s brewing his own beer.

Elke enjoy the physical activity of Nordic walking and do it as often as she can in her spare time and she always enjoy cycling. Also she’s a huge flower fan and prefers orchids the most.

 bild-nr-11walking bild-12-rhein-neckar-loewen

Both we love to visit the homeplays of the regional handball-team “Rhein-Neckar-Löwen” one of the best teams in Europe and also travel in particular to warm climates.

However, the biggest hobby is and will always remain “breeding of canaries”. We hope that our web site will be visited not only by other breeders, but will also serve to inspire the “normal” visitor to think about bird breeding as a hobby. We hope that you will enjoy reading the following information.

Text: Elke und Alex Hintermayer
pictures: Elke und Alex Hintermayer
special thanks for translation: Tom Frame, Georgia

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